TRP DH-R EVO Disc Brake & Lever Set

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The New DH-R EVO brings maximum power, unparalleled modulation and optimized heat management to heavy 29er DH bikes, long travel enduro rigs and the new era of E-MTB charging. The G-Spec DH-R brake has been re-designed to the all-new DH-R EVO. A new caliper, new lever, new hose, new oil, new pads, new 223/2.3mm rotors and a new hydraulic leverage ratio, creates a new performance standard that fuels the TRP brand.

Disc Rotors NOT included - sold separately 


  • Ergonomic textured lever blade designed for improved braking power with single-finger operation
  • Four-piston design for increased stopping power
  • Optimized for 2.3mm thickness rotors (sold separately) increasing heat dissipation, stiffness, and warp resistance compared to 1.8mm rotors
  • Compatible with Shimano I-Spec II and I-Spec EV (with adapter) for seamless compatibility with Shimano drivetrains, with TRP and MMX adapters also available
  • Lightweight hybrid pistons for increased performance
  • Tool-free adjustable lever reach makes ergonomic adjustments easy, even out on the trails
  • E-bike rated designed to meet the unique demands of e-MTB riders


  • Ergonomic lever blade
  • 9mm internal brake lever piston
  • Index Reach adjuster
  • I-spec II compatible
  • MMX/TRP Shifter/I-Spec EV Compatible
  • High Polished Gold finish
  • Performance Fluid Design
  • Lightweight hybrid pistons
  • Top loading pad design
  • New resin brake pad
  • New mineral oil
  • 5mm brake hose
  • CNC-machined and marked adapters
  • Banjo design
  • Lever and caliper weight: 310g (Front without rotor and adapter)
  • 4-Piston Caliper
  • Intended Rotor Thickness: 2.3 mm
2.3mm Brake Disc


  • 8% improved heat resistance
  • 47% improved lateral stiffness
  • 223mm & 220mm rotors – more braking power for larger 29″ wheels
New CNC Disc Adapter


  • CNC milled
  • Increased stiffness and a clean fit
  • Simple product marking
Ergonomic Brake Levers


  • Aluminum alloy
  • Ergonomic 1-finger positioning
  • Textured surface for increased drip
5mm Brake Line


  • Increased rigidity for greater hydraulic pressure
  • Improved thermal stability
  • Optimized for internal routing
Performance Mineral Oil


  • Lower viscosity for higher flow
  • Increased heat resistance up to 230°C
  • Improved heat dissipation
New Brake Pads


  • New organic compound (blue)
  • Improved heat resistance
  • Reduced bedding-in time
  • Lower noise
E-Brake Rated


  • Greater stability
  • Improved oil flow rate
  • Improved rear brake response
  • Faster venting

9mm Brake Lever Piston


  • New hydraulic ratio for more power
  • Optimized for 1-finger braking
  • Reduced arm pump and fatigue