Road Runner Wedge Half Frame Bag

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The Wedge Half Frame Bag! 

Perfect for daily use and long weekend trips. This bag is made to fit on most frames, most sizes, and up to two large water bottles on larger frames and one large water bottle on smaller frames. The Wedge is great for bike touring, bike packing, and any other type of more extended riding where more space is needed. Use this bag on your CX bike for some trail ripping, then mount the bag on your MTB for some backcountry riding. Hold that extra 1L bladder, tools, flat kit, food, gloves, and an extra layer with ease.

Configurable positioning allows for fitting on the acute angular frame geometry. Works on most bikes in your stable with the multi-point mounting system and the extra-long mounting straps. For MTB/gravel/cross frames, mount with the RRB label on the drive side; for road frames, affix with the RRB label on the non-drive side. 

This baby fits!


    • Top Tube Attachment: 15.5"
      Down Tube Attachment: 
      9.5" (down tube attachment when RRB label on drive side) 10" (down tube attachment when RRB label on non-drive side) 
      Tallest Point: 
      Weight: 6oz
      Volume: 2.5 Liters


- Cordura Brand Shell and Durable Nylon Liner
- YKK Water Resistant Zipper Tape and Slider
- Zipper Garage, Zipper Slider Pull Tabs
- Non-Drive Side Zipper Pocket
- Vinyl Backed/Durable Hook and Loop with Wings
- Mil-Spec Nylon Webbing
- Water Bladder Exit Sleeve


This bag was designed for a quick install and take off to be swapped between different bikes of varying types and sizes.

1. Install the three top Velcro straps loosely to the top tube, then install the bottom two straps tightly to the down tube.
2. Now go back and tighten the top straps appropriately. Note, if you have the bag maxed out, be sure that the top straps are loose enough to accommodate the fill, then go back and tighten those straps for a tight fit on the frame.
3. Feel free to cut the extra Velcro that may be hanging off the side but notes once it's cut, it's not coming back!

**If you're concerned about protecting the paint on your frame, install a strip of transparent Gorilla Tape to the areas of the frame where the bag and its attachments may come into contact.