Road Runner Burrito Supreme - Handlebar Bag

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Road Runner Bags Burrito Supreme is a great addition to your Gravel Bike! Use it for function or pure style. Whichever path you travel down, do it with a Burrito Supreme upfront.

Road Runner Bike Bags Burrito Supreme Handlebar Bag Illustration

This bag is more than double the size of Road Runner's Original Burrito Bag and comes with a head tube stability strap, hard plastic liner, and removable mounting straps for handlebars of all shapes and sizes. This bag includes a Nylon Webbing Mollee system on the front for strapping just about anything to your bag! 

Burrito Supreme on Gravel Handlebars

With its ability to attach to a wide range of handlebars, you'll never find yourself without the right bag for the ride. Consider it a rackless rando bag with a weatherproof zipper.Burrito Supreme on Gravel handlebars 

The bag's function is truly shown when mounting on narrower bars, like the 42cm bars shown below. The Burrito Supreme still allows for full actuation of both STI or Sram Shift/Brake Levers.Burrito Supreme on road handlebars



Width: 8"


- USA Made 1000D Cordura Brand Shell
- Mil-Spec Nylon Webbing Mollee Chain
- YKK Water Resistant Zipper Tape and Slider
- Vinyl Zipper Garage, Nylon Pull Tabs
- Nylon Liner and Plastic Stiffener Insert
- Handlebar Straps: 1" USA Made Mil-Spec Nylon Webbing with YKK Cam Buckles
 Head Tube Strap: 3/4" Double-Sided Velcro Brand


Please follow these simple steps to install your Burrito Supreme Handlebar Bag to your bicycle's handlebars for the correct function. Please follow our recent blog post "How To Install" tutorial to install the Burrito Supreme to the rear of your bicycle.

1. Determine the correct positioning of the bag for mounting it on the handlebars. Make sure there are no cables to interfere with the bags positioning and any lights or computers attached to the handlebars.

2. Install the top straps on the furthest out mounting points (loosely), then center the bag on the bars. Now, fully tighten the straps and tuck the remaining webbing behind the bag.

3. Install the head tube strap as the 3rd mount for the bag, which works to keep the bag snug against the head tube and eliminate all the bag's swaying and rocking.

4. Shred (safely)!