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The original Burrito Handlebar Bag! First made in 2011, this handlebar bag is the staple of Road Runner's Burrito Bag line and available in 6 different colors to match your bike.

Road Runner Bike Bags Burrito Handlebar Bag Illustration

This simple handlebar bag adds that extra bit of storage for daily rides. Never find yourself unprepared with this perfect little stash bag to store your tools, keys, wallet, phone, snacks & packable clothing layers. 

Road Runner Bags Burrito Handlebar Bag for road cycling, mounting biking, MTBing and Gravel Grinding

Take a bite and jump right in!

  • Made of 1000D Cordura® Material 
  • YKK® water-resistant zipper tape - The best the industry has to offer! 
  • Zipper pull tabs - Getting into your bag couldn't be easier with these little guys.
  • Head tube strap locking Velcro® - This is the third point to secure the bag down to your bike.
  • Heavy-duty locking Velcro® - Allows for an easy and quick installation!
  • Daisy chain webbing -  Multiple Velcro locations for all your different handlebars

Road Runner Bags Burrito Handlebar Bag for road cycling, mounting biking, MTBing and Gravel Grinding


Width: 8"
Diameter: 3.5" 
Volume: 1.3L 
Weight: 2oz 


- USA Made 1000D Cordura Brand Shell 
- YKK Water Resistant Zipper Tape and Slider
- Vinyl Zipper Garage, Nylon Pull Tabs
- Mil-Spec Nylon Webbing Mollee Chain
- Handlebar Straps: 1" Double-Sided Velcro Brand
- Head Tube Strap: 3/4" Double-Sided Velcro Brand


Please follow these simple steps to correctly install your Burrito Handlebar Bag to the handlebars of your bicycle for correct function. 

1. Determine the correct positioning of the bag for mounting it on the handlebars. Make sure there are no cables to interfere with the bags positioning and any lights or computers attached to the handlebars. 
2. Install the top straps on the furthest out mounting points (loosely), then center the bag on the bars. Now, fully tighten the straps and tuck the remaining webbing behind the bag. 
3. Install the head tube strap as the 3rd mount for the bag, which works to keep the bag snug against the head tube and eliminates all swaying and rocking of the bag. 
4. Shred!