PNW Components Loam Lever Gen 2 (select a color)

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It's been called the yoga mat for your thumb. The Loam Lever's design considers both smooth actuation as well as a superior tactile experience. Simply put, it's fun to press. Plus, we've guaranteed this dropper post lever is nearly indestructible in the harshest of elements.

  • Fully CNC'd aluminum w/ silicone thumb pad 
  • Sealed Cartridge Bearing
  • Stainless Steel Hardware


Fully CNC'd aluminum body and lever with sealed cartridge bearing and silicone thumb pad (non-replaceable)

Weight: 36 grams (without clamp or adapter)

Kit Includes: Lever and 22.2mm clamp (cable and housing sold separately)

Compatibility: "Shifter style" lever (compatible with 1x drivetrains - not compatible with front derailleur shifters on the rider’s left side of the handlebar for bikes with front 2x or 3x chainrings)

Dropper Compatability: Any cable-actuated dropper post (not compatible with RockShox Reverb as they are fully hydraulic posts)

Cable Routing: Accepts cable routing from either direction

Clamp Styles:

Standard 22.2mm hinge clamp (compatible with standard MTB handlebars)

SRAM MatchMaker X (Code, Guide, G2, Level - excluding Level T versions)

Shimano I-SPEC II (XTR M9000, XT M8000, SLX M7000, DEORE M6000)

Shimano I-SPEC EV (XTR M9100/M9120, XT M8100/M8120, SLX M7100/M7120, Deore M6100/M6120)


 Can I run this on the right side of my bars?

The Loam Lever runs horizontally, and is machined ergonomically for the left-hand side of your bars. As such, it would not work well on the right side of your bars.

Can I swap colors on my thumb pad?

The adhesive we use is something 3M developed for aviation, applied in a sterile area. To avoid voiding the warranty, we don’t suggest attempting to switch the pads out. We know this isn't the fun answer, but we want your Loam Lever to work well!

What's the difference between the Loam Lever and the Puget 1X lever?

While they both run horizontally, the Loam lever is fully CNC'd aluminum (vs Puget's forged aluminum), has a textured silicone thumb pad that color matches our other silicone component colors, 3 mounting positions (vs Puget's 2), additional throw adjustment, and a sealed cartridge bearing for actuation.

Which clamp or adapter do I need to mount my Loam Lever?

The brand and model of brakes you're running will determine which Loam Lever mount you will need. The standard 22.2mm hinge clamp is for all styles and/or if you want more adjustability, independent of your brake levers. SRAM MatchMaker X is for Code/Guide brakes. Shimano I-SPEC II is for XTR M9000, XT M8000, SLX M7000, DEORE M6000, and Shimano I-SPEC EV is for XTR M9100/M9120, XT M8100/M8120, SLX M7100/M7120, Deore M6100/M6120. If you don’t see your specific brakes listed here, you will want to select the 22.2mm/standard clamp.