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PNW Components made this post to honor riders’ most adventurous days on the trail. From the quadzilla climbs to the serpentine descents, the Loam Dropper capitalizes on PNW’s best-in-class reliability in our shortest, lightest, and most customizable package yet.


By shortening the overall post and adding 25mm of Tool-Less Travel Adjust we’ve guaranteed you more drop across a wider variety of frame designs, sizes and body types. This means more distraction free descents with less awkward high fives from your saddle when the trail gets rowdy.


Slow and controlled or swift and poppy? Dial in your dropper’s return rate with personalized pressure, courtesy of the Loam Post’s adjustable air cartridge.


The Loam Post features a machined channel on the mid-cap that's home to a swappable silicone band. Each post comes with our standard Blackout Black band but we offer our full range of colors to match your bike, PNW cockpit or personal chakra aura.



  • PNW Components tool-less travel adjust system is designed to maximize the amount of drop for your particular inseam and bike model. It’s super easy to dial in and allows for a total of 25mm of travel reduction in 5mm increments.
  • The Rainier 27.2 Gen 3 rocks an updated cold weather proof cartridge - providing you unparalleled reliability across all sorts of conditions. Plus, when it does come time to service it’s an easy no-mess process.
  • Adjustable Air Cartridge allowing riders to dial in and personalize the dropper's return rate
  • Lightweight - on average 40 grams than its predecessor 
  • Features a machined channel on the mid-cap that's home to a textured silicon band. 


  • Loam posts are spec'd with 1x black silicone band out of the box.
  • Travel Options: 125mm, 150mm, 170mm, 200mm
  • Diameter Options: 30.6mm, 31.6mm, 34.9mm
  • Weight: 125 Travel - 456 grams, 150 Travel -504 grams, 170mm travel- 532 grams, 200mm Travel - 576 grams 
  • Air Cartridge Style: Adjustable
  • Routing: Internal 
  • Seatpost Material: 7075 Alloy
  • Lever Compatibility: Compatible with all PNW Levers and most cable-actuated levers from other brands 
  • Find installation manuals here


PNW Components travel adjust system allows for a total of 25mm travel reduction in 5mm increments. If you were riding that line between travel sizes you can now fine-tune the perfect fit by following the easy directions below:

  1. Begin by lowering your dropper at or below the desired travel length (just make sure it’s not fully extended!)
  2. Unthread the midcap with your hand and slide it up to reveal the white DU Bushing.
  3. You’ll see negative numbers with corresponding notches machined into the post (each # represents decreasing travel.
  4. Slide the DU bushing up and rotate it to align the black arrow with the amount of travel you would like to reduce, then seat the arrow into the machined groove. (Make sure it’s fit securely into these notches!)
  5. After pushing the DU Bushing back down, lower the midcap and hand tighten (no need to go overboard!) and ride off into the sunset with the perfect travel for you.


Like most of us, PNW dropper posts need a little TLC to work their best. This service can be done at home, but if you're not feeling that grease stain life, PNW can take care of it for you. Their service program treats your PNW dropper post for regular wear and tear. Learn More >>>


What’s the difference between the Rainier Gen 3 and the Loam?

There are a few differences between the Rainier Gen 3 Dropper post and the Loam Dropper Post. The Loam Post has a shorter actuator and more machining on the stanchion both of which work to create a shorter overall post. This allows for more travel in a larger variety of bike frames. Another difference is the cartridge. With the Rainier, you get a sealed “set-it-and-forget-it” cartridge. The Loam has the advantage of an adjustable air cartridge, where you can customize your return rate.

Is this post compatible with my bike?

Start by checking if your bike is externally or internally routed. The Loam is only compatible for internally routed frames. Second check the seat tube diameter. Want help finding the right dropper for your bike? Click here >>>

What is the tool less travel adjust system?

This system allows you the maximum drop for your post size. We accomplish this through a notched bushing under the midcap collar so you can dial in a more tailored fit.

How often do I need to service the post?

As riding frequency and conditions vary, PNW Components do not have a strict service interval. Instead, they recommend servicing your post if it starts to feel sticky/slows down. When it does come down to service it is a quick and easy, at home process. Check out our service video here

How do I set up the adjustable air cartridge?

These shiny new dropper features an adjustable alloy cartridge that requires a high pressure shock pump to setup. They come under inflated during shipping to preserve the cartridge. To adjust the pressure do the following:

1. Before installing your saddle remove the clamp assembly and hardware.
2. Remove the rubber grommet covering the valve.
3. Manually actuate the post so it is in the fully extended position.
4. Thread the shock pump on the valve and inflate to 270-300psi for optimal performance.
5. Remove the pump and you are now ready to complete the instalI.