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When designing the Coast Stem PNW Components had two main goals: construct it to compliment the Coast Drop Bar and, like our Range Stem, develop it to satisfy the tech nerd in each of us. This stem is a shorty and that’s just what we want. The larger width of our Coast Drop Bar requires a shorter stem to achieve comfortable reach numbers.

If you run your current length stem with the Coast Drop Bar your arms will be stretched to the side and your body stretched forward—kinda like how Superman flies—not ideal for biking. The shorter stem, in tandem with a comfortable 7° rise, places your body in an ideal position for comfort while remaining aggressive.

And to make sure you don’t miss getting that footie, the Coast Stem includes a removable GoPro mount. So, you can easily record your gravel adventures or attach a light to escape into the night. Roll up to your next gravel escapade wide, short, and proud. 

Sizing is a little challenging as there is no hard and fast rule that works for everyone. A good rule of thumb is for every 20mm wider bar you go drop 10mm on your stem. Again a lot of this comes down to personal preference, but this is a good starting point for sizing. 


  • 31.8 Clamp - Standard for road bikes and gravel grinders

  • 7° Rise - Ideal body position for comfort on long rides
  • Detachable Mount - Removable mount that pairs with GoPro or compatible light*
  • Weights: 60mm - 111g / 70mm -117g / 80mm - 123g / 90mm - 129g / 100mm - 136g

*Many light companies have adapters for this GoPro mount that allow you to attach lights to the front of your stem. When purchasing a light the specs should confirm it works with a GoPro adapter. Always double check everything is compatible before making the purchase. Enjoy your adventures after dusk and before dawn with this mount.