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All the grip and none of the chatter. Meet our all new Coast Bar Tape. Coated in seven different color options and garnished with a set of matte black anodized bar end plugs, it's the perfect compliment to your drop bar digs.

  • Shock-Absorbing Material
  • Anti-Slip, PNW-Embossed Surface
  • Matte Black Anodized Bar End Plugs Included


Shock-absorbing material

Anti-slip surface

Embossed PNW pattern 

Matte black anodized bar end plugs included

6mm wide, double-sided adhesive strip underneath

Length: 2000mm 

Width: 30mm 

Height at Middle: 2.4mm

Height at Edges: 1.2mm


Is your Coast Bar Tape a little too clingy?

We’ve all experienced some separation anxiety. To break the tension, we recommend using a blow dryer or heat gun (on a low setting) to heat up the surface and remove any stubborn adhesive.