Maxima Chain Pro - (Dry) - 4oz

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Ultra-clean and long-lasting bicycle chain lubricant formulated specifically for use in dry and dusty conditions. Advanced, surface-active formulation penetrates deeply and dries quickly to ensure effective protection while minimizing buildup of dust and grime. Proprietary anti-wear additives minimize chain noise, enable smooth shifts under load and extend chain life. Waterproof formula is designed for dry conditions, but will effectively repel water and inhibit corrosion if used in wet conditions.

Highlights & Features
  • Formulated specifically for bicycle chains

  • Designed for dry and dusty conditions

  • Waterproof and corrosion resistant

  • Long-lasting protection and cleanliness

  • Enables smooth shifting

  • Minimizes chain noise

  • Extends chain life


Excellent for everyday use in ideal and fair conditions as well as in dry and dusty environments.