E*Thirteen All-Terrain 2.4" Enduro Tire

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NEW CASINGS, BETTER COMPOUNDS, LONGER WEARING, FASTER ROLLING. Without compromising traction, the new All-Terrain tire rolls faster and wears better, with more supple casings and updated compounds. 

Introducing MoPo! The new ultra-tacky, low-rebound rubber that made it's way from Thailand's underground moped drag racing circuit to your trailhead.

Price is per tire, make sure to grab two if needed


Tubeless ready
PLUS: Tacky tread compound with a harder base compound for better tread wear and faster rolling.

RACE: High-tack, slow rebound side knobs with better wearing, faster rolling center knobs.

MOPO: Ultra high-tack, slow rebound tread, with a harder base for better tread wear and faster rolling.
  • LG1 EN A/T PLUS: Dual ply 72tpi
  • LG1 EN A/T RACE: Dual ply 120tpi with Aramid reinforcement
  • LG1 EN A/T MOPO: Dual ply 120tpi with Aramid reinforcement
APEX REINFORCEMENT Maximum cut protection at the bead and sidewall. Apex inserts also allow the tread cap to better conform to uneven terrain, resulting in more grip and lower rolling resistance in most conditions.

Woven reinforcement on Race models better protects against punctures, and increases air retention.
27.5", 29"
  • LG1 EN Plus: 1125g, 1210g
  • LG1 EN Race: 1075g, 1140g
  • LG1 EN MOPO: 1075g, 1140g
TRUE 2.4"