DUMONDE TECH - Pro X Bio-Bike Cleaner Ready To Use Spray

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Pro X Bio-Bike Cleaner ready-to-use spray is another of our performance based products like our bicycle lubricants. 100% Bio-Degradable. Non-toxic. Water Soluble. Eco Kind.
Low Scent.

Dumonde Tech's selective surfactants were designed to wet the surfaces to reduce surface tension to aid in cleaning a bicycle of dirt, sweat, organic compounds and hydrocarbons. Safe on all parts of pedal driven vehicles. Rinses Clean. Leaves no residue. No water spots.

Designed to break down and flush away:

  • Dirt and road grime
  • Sweat
  • Natural organic compounds
  • Hydrocarbons
  • Bugs
  • Abrasions

No need to “use generously” like most other brands. Like Dumonde Tech's chain lubes, user does not need to over apply or use generously for it to perform. Spray on and let it do it’s work.

California VOC Exempt. Prop 65 compliant.