DUMONDE TECH - MR Grease - Original Formula

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The Classic MR GREASE with our “Micro Resistance Polymer” technology providing the ultimate protection and performance for bearings and suspension forks. MR Grease polymerizes to the surfaces leaving a barrier of  grease that reduces wear, provided corrosion protection and is water proof. MR Grease is carbon fiber safe.

Amazingly water resistant, excellent for bottom brackets, headsets and loose ball bearings. Use MR Grease on new bike builds to prevent creaking in headsets or bottom brackets. Expert wheel builders use MR Grease to lubricate spoke holes in wheels to keep the nipples from binding (use Liquid Grease on spoke threads).

Our Classic Liquid Grease can be used to thin MR Grease to create a lighter weight viscosity if desired.

NOTE:  Cannot be shipped via air mail any where.