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Dumonde Tech’s Classic Liquid Grease is a high performance replacement for traditional viscosity grease. Liquid Grease reduces the coefficient of friction through Polymer Technology. Liquid Grease polymerizes and bonds to the surface providing extremely low drag. Liquid Grease is attracted to heat to provide lubrication at critical locations.

Highly recommended for ceramic and steel cartridge bearings. Can be mixed with MR Grease to create a custom formula for loose ball bearing applications (Dura Ace hubs) to match desired viscosity. Multiple uses including: new cables, brake noodles, spoke threads, stubborn seat posts, suspension pivots, freewheels

Eliminates drag that grease packed bearing experience for a drag free bearing, even in the freezing temperatures. Ideal for suspension fork legs, full suspension pivots, wheel bearings and roller bearing. A proven application for spoke nipple and rim interface. Can be used as a chain lube for very extreme muddy conditions of mountain bike and cyclocross.

If you feel Liquid Grease is to thin for an application, Dumonde Tech's MR Grease can be used to add desired viscosity and tack.

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